Family Fun

By minimember.

John was your average 21-year-old college guy. He had decent looks and a nice build. He considered himself to be smarter than most people in college. He didn’t really study very much, mostly because he grasped the material very easily. He still lived at home with his mother and brother. His mother worked long hours supporting the family as a single parent, and his brother had chosen to take the basement for himself, which afforded John a lot of privacy. His grandparents had paid for his schooling, so there was not much need to work. He also didn’t have a girlfriend who gave him a lot of free time. He would use this time to masturbate frequently, usually about two to three times a day.

It was a regular Friday for John. He had an exam earlier that day and was now on his way home. He was certain that he passed the exam, so he didn’t have many worries. He had spent the last 2 days studying. He had the urge to masturbate many times. However, logic won out in the end, and he decided to wait until after the exam to pleasure himself. He knew that his orgasm would be better anyway.

Finally home, John burst through the door of his room in excitement, “I am so fucking horny!” he thought to himself.

He could feel his penis stiffening through his jeans and knew he needed a release. He quickly removed his white T-shirt and tossed it aside. Next, he began unbuttoning his jeans, pulled them down, and threw them aside as well. He looked down and saw his fully erect penis.

At first glance, John seems like he had a lot going for him. Decent looks, a good body, and a bright future. However, looking closer, there is one shortcoming that John had to overcome his whole life. He had a small penis. The years of being naked in locker rooms and all the porn he watched had confirmed it.

John’s penis was as hard as it could be. He just wanted to grab hold of it and stroke it until he blew his load all over the room. John had another idea, however. He walked across his room, his little member bobbing up and down as he tried to avoid stepping over the clutter all over the floor. He was a bit of a messy guy. Finally, he arrived at his closet and began searching for something, moving aside piles of clothes and shoes until he found what he was looking for. It was his fleshlight. He picked it up and looked it over.

He remembers the day he bought it and how embarrassed he was to ask for one. The woman in the store was very nice and accommodating and gave him great service. She wasn’t incredibly attractive, but she had a large pair of breasts, and he tried very hard not to get an erection in front of her. He couldn’t help but feel sleazy and pathetic for being there and asking for one. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a great purchase and one he enjoyed using to this day.

He walked over to his bed, admiring the toy. He knew it was way too big for him, but he didn’t care. Once he reached his bed, he lifted the mattress and placed the fleshlight between it. He knelt in front of it and slowly bent over to retrieve a bottle of lube. He hid under his bed and began to apply a very generous amount to his hard cock. He slowly lined up his penis to the hole of the toy and gave it a quick thrust. He had achieved penetration. He began to thrust, closed his eyes, and let a wave of pleasure wash over him.


John’s mother was exhausted. Nevertheless, she managed to get the rest of her Friday afternoon off and eagerly drove home so she could get out of those painful heels and bra and finally relax. As a single mother, she worked incredibly hard.

John’s father had left them many years ago. She was lucky that she had a good job, but being left to raise two sons on her own was exhausting and difficult.

She was incredibly beautiful, and she knew it. She had a great body, a beautiful shapely ass, and enormous EE-breasts. Fake, of course, and paid for by her ex-husband before he left, but she enjoyed them. Of course, it was he who had recommended she get them. It was definitely more of a gift for himself, but she did love to watch his dick disappear every time she would titty fuck him. It would make him cum so fast.

“Finally home,” she said to herself as she pulled up to her driveway. She put the car in park, got out, and walked to the front door. Her feet were killing her. Once inside, she kicked off her heels and quickly ran upstairs to remove her very constricting bra. The twins needed to be free.

As she walked down the hall to her room, she suddenly became aware of heavy breathing and what sounded like a sloshing or squishing sound, “Maybe John is home early?” she thought.

As she approached his room, she could hear the sound getting louder. She noticed his door was closed and realized that her son must be in his room. She wanted to say hi before she got undressed and walked towards his room. When she got to his door, she opened it quietly. She was really hoping to scare him. When she looked inside, she finally realized what he was doing, and she stood there, frozen.

In full view was her eldest son, on his knees, thrusting away at what looked like his mattress. She couldn’t see too much of him as he was at an angle, mostly his ass moving back and forth, a quick glimpse of his balls, but that was it. He tilted his head back slightly, his eyes closed, his breathing heavy, and she could see the sweat glistening all over his body. He was in a state of bliss, and he was oblivious to her presence.

She wanted to turn away, but she couldn’t help herself. She was mesmerized by what she was seeing. She wasn’t there for more than twenty seconds when John picked up the pace, and she realized that he was about to climax. She then noticed that he wasn’t fucking the mattress as she first thought, but instead, he was using a sex toy.

She heard John grunt and realized that his orgasm was on its way.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed, not knowing she said it that loudly. That was enough to bring John back to reality.

“Mom!” he said in disbelief, his minuscule member slipping out of his fleshlight with ease as he turned to face her.

“I was just…,” she started but quickly froze. Her gaze slowly moved from her son’s shocked expression down to his penis. Before she could finish her thought, her son began to shoot ropes of cum in her direction. She couldn’t believe how much force they were coming at her. He must have shot five or six heavy streams before she could process it. Then she noticed something else. She couldn’t believe it at first, and then it became all too real. There, attached to her son, was the weapon that had created such a mess. She couldn’t believe it, she wouldn’t, but there it was. Her son had an incredibly small penis! She had never seen one that small before. Obviously, her son was fully erect, but she couldn’t believe that a penis could be that small. Yes, her ex was on the smaller side, something she had to endure constantly whenever he wanted to fuck her. Compared to her son, however, he was huge.

John couldn’t process what happened. He was like a deer in the headlights. After a few seconds, he finally got hold of his mind and saw that his mother had been watching him as he came. His penis began to shrivel back to its flaccid state. He quickly covered up with two hands, even though he clearly needed just one, “Leave!” He yelled, wanting his mother to go so she could save him even more embarrassment.

“I’m sorry.” That is all she could say as she left the room. She had been in awkward situations before, but this was something new.

She rushed into her room and locked her door. She began to fully process what had happened. She was in disbelief. She had witnessed her son orgasm. Even more pressing, however, was that her son had a very small penis. She had never seen him naked as an adult, only when he was younger. She had caught her younger son naked before about a year ago. He, however, had a large member. She was very impressed with it. She just assumed that John had a decent size himself.

It was a relief to finally take off her bra and the rest of her clothes. She couldn’t shake the image of her son’s small penis from her mind, though. When she removed her skirt, she noticed that her panties were soaked with her juices.

“It can’t be,” She thought. “Small dicks don’t turn me on!” She had never enjoyed a small penis before. While she endured her ex-husband’s small cock, she would always make it a point to go out and find hung men to fuck. That was the only way she could get off. She never felt guilty, her ex was an asshole, and he deserved it. “He got what was coming to him.” So she would say to herself. This was different. She was now intrigued by her son’s little member, and she needed to know more!


John had secluded himself inside his room. He was still so embarrassed. His mother had seen his penis and, even worse, seen him cum. He had always been self-conscious about his small penis. All the kids would make fun of it when he was younger. They had nicknamed it stumpy because when it was soft, it only barely poked out.

After a few hours trapped in his room, John heard a knock on his door.

“Oh, God.” He whispered to himself

“John honey,” His mom said through the door. “We need to talk.”

“I’m busy!” He replied. He didn’t want anything to do with this. Instead, he wanted to stay locked up in his room and bury his head in his pillow.

“Stop being that way,” She replied. “We need to talk.”

John slowly got up from his bed and slumped his way to the door. He opened it slowly, dreading what was to come. Head down, and he answered, “What?” trying not to make eye contact with her. Then, after not hearing a response for about 5 seconds, he began to look up. To his surprise, his mother was standing there wearing nothing but a very revealing robe. His mom was a busty woman, and he had always known that. This, however, left little to the imagination.

She pushed her way through his door and began to speak. “Look,” She started, “About before. I just wanted to say that I am really sorry about what happened. I should have respected your privacy and knocked before I came in.” She was sincere in her apology, but she did enjoy the show he gave her. “Do you want to talk about what happened?” She finished.

John cringed. He didn’t know what to say. All he wanted was to forget about what happened.

“It’s OK,” She continued. “You did nothing wrong. It’s completely natural. You aren’t the first son of mine I caught in that situation before.” She said, smirking. She wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible but also a little on edge. She was enjoying herself.

“Really?” He replied. He hadn’t known that.

“Of course. Boys will be boys. I know it’s fun for you guys. All guys do that. Although maybe not like you were.” She said with a smile.

John had trouble listening to this. It made him very uncomfortable. But his mother seemed OK with everything that had happened. He was happy that at least she wasn’t mad or upset.

“Thanks, mom,” he said with the slightest trace of a smile.

“No problem sweetie,” She was happy that her son was feeling more at ease, but she was still a little curious. “Do you mind if I ask you something?”

John wasn’t sure that he wanted to answer any questions. He just wanted to put this behind him. However, she was his mother, and she was cool with the whole situation, so he agreed to answer.

“I wanted to know what you were using to pleasure yourself with? It looked like you were thrusting into something?”

John’s face turned red. It had become awkward for him again. He knew she had seen quite a bit, but it wasn’t something he wanted to admit to himself. He decided that he would just tell her everything so they could get past it. He walked over to his closet without saying a word and grabbed his fleshlight. He walked back and presented it to her.

“Here, this is what I was using,” he said.

She took it from him and began to examine it. First, she felt the rigid plastic case, moving her fingers carefully over it until she reached the opening. It felt soft, almost like real skin. It was shaped exactly like a woman’s vagina. No wonder her son was having such a great time!

“This is pretty unique,” She commented. “How does it compare to the real thing?”

John wasn’t sure how to answer that. “I don’t really know.” He answered. He knew his answer revealed that he was still a virgin.

“Oh!” She replied. “It’s OK. There is plenty of time for that.” She smiled. She felt sorry for her son. He didn’t know what he was missing.

John’s mom began to move her fingers closer to the opening of his fake pussy. Then, she slipped her finger into the opening. She wanted to see what her son’s reaction would be. His eyes were focused on her motion, and as she looked down, she could see a slight bulge forming in his shorts.

John noticed his mom looking straight at his now growing erection and quickly adjusted it. He didn’t want to bring any more attention to it.

John’s mom smirked slightly. “Don’t worry, sweetie,” She said. “It’s a normal reaction. At least we know it works.” She said with a smile. She felt a slight tingling in her pussy. This was turning her on, and she wasn’t quite sure why. “You can show me if you want. If you want my opinion?”

John was taken aback by that. Did she really just ask him to show her his penis? He was lost in his mind. The thought of showing another woman his penis aroused and scared him. He had never done it before.

Before he had time to answer, his mother had begun to remove the strap across her waist that held her robe in place. Then, with one fell swoop, her robe hit the floor, and she was fully naked in front of him. Her tits were on full display, and he wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab them.

“See!” She said nonchalantly. “Nothing to be ashamed of.”

She knew this was killing her son, and she loved it. However, she wanted to take this even further. “I showed you mine, so now you can show me yours!”

John was still in a daze. He didn’t know what to do. Being trapped in his own mind wasn’t helping the situation either. Suddenly, he could feel his mom’s thumbs clasp the elastic of his shorts. He quickly snapped out of his daze and looked at her, ready to protest, but it was too late. His shorts hit the floor around his ankles. He was fully exposed.

John’s mother looked down. She could now see everything clearly. Jutting out of his midsection was by far the smallest penis she had ever seen. It was obvious that her son was fully hard. It was completely straight, with no curve. It looks like a little missile ready for launch. His head was almost completely engulfed in the foreskin, save for the slit at the tip of his penis.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed, shocked at what she was staring down at. “I didn’t realize!”

“Realize what?” John said. Deep down, he knew what she was talking about.

“I’m sorry, John. It’s just a lot smaller than I thought. When I saw it before, I just assumed it was at a bad angle, but I guess not.” She noticed the defeated look on her son’s face, yet his little member was still rock hard. She was surprised at how much she was enjoying this.

His mother’s words stung, but he knew them to be true. Yet, he was still aroused. Hearing it aloud was a new experience for him. His small penis twitched at her hurtful yet sympathetic words.

“I’m sorry, dear. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I just wanted to be honest.”

“It’s ok.” He replied. He felt his mother was genuine in her apology.

“If it makes you feel any better, your dad had a small penis as well.” The thought of her ex-husband’s useless penis made her angry.

John didn’t know how to react to that. First, he hated his father for leaving them, and now knowing that he was poorly hung made him feel somewhat good, even though he didn’t have anything to be proud of himself.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” She continued.

“Sure.” He replied hesitantly. He didn’t know where she was going with this.

“How big is it?” She had wanted to know since she had seen it. It looked much smaller than her ex-husbands, and he didn’t have much, to begin with.

John didn’t know what to reply. He had never taken the time to do so. But he knew he was small, and that’s all the confirmation he needed.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I never measured before.”

“Really?” She replied, surprised by his response. She thought that all men measured their dicks. She had measured his father’s on several occasions, just so she knew how small it was. At 4 inches, she had always known he had a useless dick to match his personality.

“Hold on.” She said as she turned and walked out of the room at a brisk pace. All John could do was stand there and wait.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, his mother finally walked back into the room. He had begun to go soft, but that changed as he noticed the bounce of her tits as she walked towards him with a purpose. John was lost in the sight of his mother’s beautiful breasts, he failed to notice the giant smile on her face and the object she was holding. When he finally began to focus on the object, he realized what was about to happen. She was holding a ruler.

“Here.” She said, presenting the ruler in front of him. “This should tell us.”

John was mortified. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t need his mother knowing how small he really was. He needed to find a way out of this, but he didn’t know-how. He was about to say something when his mother squatted down in front of him and placed the ruler over his fully erect member.

“Let’s see.” She said. John’s mother was enjoying this. She was wet, and she didn’t care. She adjusted the ruler over his penis. She had done this before with his father but never really enjoyed it. This, however, was much different.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed, concern filling her voice. “Are you fully hard?” She said, knowing full well that he was. Should couldn’t believe how small it was.

All John could do was nod his head.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. Unfortunately, you have a very small penis. It’s only 3 and 1/4 inches.”

It was official. It was undeniable. It was the truth. The two knew how small John’s penis was. He should have been devastated, but he was too aroused to care.

John’s mom continued to stare at his genitals in silence, inspecting them carefully, without touching them. Then, finally, after thirty seconds, she spoke: “You have little testicles as well, sweetie.”

It was bad enough his mother knew his cock was small, but now his balls! He wanted to tell her to leave, but before he could, he felt her fingertips grasp his balls.

“Definitely small.” she started. “Your dad had bigger balls than you as well!” She continued to feel his balls, rubbing her fingers all over them, grabbing each one and rolling it between her fingertips. He definitely had little raisins between his legs. At least she knew they worked and the damage they could do. She noticed John’s facial expressions. He was enjoying this, despite his apprehensions.

“Are you OK?” She said, trying to draw his attention back from his fantasy. “It doesn’t hurt when I touch them, does it?”

“No.” He replied. He could barely speak. It felt amazing to him. She began using her full hand to caress his testicles, using a bit more force. His mother’s face was level with his minuscule member. Her hot breath made him twitch with pleasure.

John’s mom noticed this and moved her face closer to his penis. It was really short. She would be able to take his entire penis into her mouth without any effort. Sadly he would never be able to tickle the back of her throat with his little dick. She wondered if she should take it that far. It wasn’t her mind that was controlling her anymore.

As she continued to play with his testicles, John noticed his mother staring intently at his penis. She had never seen one that small, so it was only normal for her to be curious.

John was about to pull away from his mom when she suddenly went straight for his penis. She pursed her lips, and John saw his entire manhood disappear into her mouth, his shaft taken until she reached his testicles. He had seen women in porn take a dick all the way before but to experience it was pure bliss. After that, he didn’t know what was happening anymore.

John’s mom couldn’t help herself. She continued to move her lips up and down his small shaft, taking it balls deep, her face slamming into his pubic region. Despite her ex-husband’s small penis, there was still some resistance to taking him fully. Her son, however, proved to be no trouble at all. She enjoyed how easy this was. It didn’t hurt her. It wasn’t a struggle.

As she continued to suck his little dick, her eyes moved from his prick to her son’s face. His eye was closed, and his mouth was open. It was clear that he was lost in the act. She slowly moved her hand to her pussy and began rubbing her clit slowly. She didn’t require any hands to pleasure his little manhood, so she put them to better use.

“MMMMM!” she murmured, still sucking his little penis furiously.

This was enough to draw John’s attention. He looked down and saw his mother staring directly into his eyes. She was sucking his penis so aggressively he didn’t know how much longer he would last. Her expression was a dead giveaway, however. She wanted him to explode. The way she was rubbing herself was an indication that his mother loved his little dick. Then, suddenly, she pulled away from his penis, staring him directly in the eyes.

‘“You like it when mommy sucks on your little cock?”

John was shocked by this. It was so aggressive and mean, and yet, it made his penis twitch. Her attention turned towards his penis, and she smiled from ear to ear. She grabbed his inner thighs roughly, and John felt as if his penis just got harder.

“Oh yes,” She said. “Look at mommy’s little dick, harden. Do you like it when mommy calls it small?” she said in a playful yet aggressive and mocking tone.

John’s mind was everywhere. He truly had no idea what to think. He wanted to tell her, no, to stand up for himself, but he would be lying. He was enjoying every moment of what was happening to him. Before he had a chance to reply, his mom started up again.

“Tell mommy how small your dick is?” she said forcefully.

“S-sorry?” he replied.

All he could do was look down at his mom’s beauty, mesmerized by her enormous tits. He just wanted to grab them and titty-fuck her there and then.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, realizing what her son was looking at. “You like mommy’s huge tits?”

John nodded in acknowledgment.

“I bet you want to fuck them, don’t you?” she exclaimed.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Well, I’m sure you do. But between us, sweetie, that little sausage of yours would get lost between them pretty easily. So I don’t think it would be much fun, for me at least!”

Something had come over her. She enjoyed being harsh with her son. She enjoyed being the dominant one. And she could tell by his expression that he loved it as well. With that said, she lifted herself slightly up to her son’s penis and slammed her breast into him. It was as she expected. She couldn’t see his penis anymore. She began rubbing up against her son, and she could feel his little cock between her gargantuan tits. The thought of his fleshy little rod between them was making her crazy. She watched as her son’s eyes widened as he realized what was happening.

“Awww… Well, I guess I was right. It’s nowhere to be found,” mom said, letting out a laugh.

John’s turned on by what his mother was saying. It made him even harder. The feeling of her tits wrapped around his manhood felt great. She moved up and down his shaft, increasing and decreasing the speed at which she moved. It was better than he thought it would be. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he came. He was trying desperately to prolong his pleasure.

“Do you like that, sweetie?” John’s mom asked.

“Yes, mom,” he replied.

Although he knew this was wrong, he realized it was the best moment of his life.

“Just like your dad,” she chuckled, “Always wanting to slam his little dick between my tits. It would always turn him on as well.”

John could understand why. His mom was a beauty, and her tits were magnificent. Anyone would love this. It was at this moment that John could feel the build-up in his balls. He knew he was going to blow very soon. John’s mom noticed this. She could see the look on his face. She quickly pulled her tits away from his penis and grabbed it in her hand. He fit so easily in her grip, having just the tip of his penis slightly poke out of her fist. He truly had a tiny dick. She began stroking him furiously, knowing that this would bring him over the edge. She was eye level with his penis, and the sight of his foreskin moving up and down his head was arousing.

“Ugh,” John grunted.

He knew this was it. There was no going back. He was about to drop his load a second time in front of his mom.

Sensing her son was on edge and about to cum, she released the grip on her son’s penis and took his entire member in her mouth to catch the juicy load her son was about to give her. Next, she used her right hand to caress his small balls gently. She noticed they’re shriveled up and smaller than when she started. She knew then he was about to cum.

“Oh my God, mom!” he exclaimed, “I’m gonna fucking cum!”

She braced herself for what was about to happen. She continued to suck on John’s little rod furiously until she felt her son’s hands grab the back of her head, and he gave a big thrust into her face. With that came her son’s sperm. She was surprised at how much was being spewed into her mouth. He shot rope after rope of thick creamy cum into the back of her throat.

‘How can a man with balls that small produce such a load,’ she thought.

Finally, it became too much for her, and she began choking on his sperm. She tried swallowing as he kept cumming, but she couldn’t keep up with his virile young testicles. John had experienced pure bliss. He could feel the last of his cum leaving his body. He blew a bigger load than he did when his mom caught him the first time.

He opened his eyes and saw his mom’s mouth still wrapped around his cock. She gently stroked his balls. Then, he noticed her other hand was between her legs, and she was rubbing her clit with a force he had never seen before. He could feel his penis getting soft in her mouth, and after another thirty seconds of her sucking on it, she pulled off of it and swallowed his entire load.

John’s mom continued to rub her clit hard and fast, and finally, she felt her own orgasm approaching. She began to shudder as her orgasm washed over her, and she noticed her son standing there, jaw dropped while he watched. She saw his penis, now completely soft. It had almost retracted completely into his body. His pubic hair almost completely covered the little head of his penis. This served to increase the pleasure of her orgasm. She let out a long scream until she came herself.

John’s turned on by what he had seen. If he hadn’t already cum twice in such a short amount of time, he would have been hard again. But, instead, his minuscule member just rested over his shriveled testicles. He knew he would use this moment to jerk off for years to come. As his mother finally came crashing down to reality, their eyes met.

“Well…” she began, “Didn’t think such a tiny dick would get me so horny.” She chuckled for a few seconds. “Looks like mommy is gonna have more fun with her son’s little baby dick. Would you like that?”

John didn’t hesitate to say yes. Even though his mind was fully functional again and he knew this was wrong, he didn’t care. He wanted more of this. All the years wasted jerking off.

“Awww, I’m glad you enjoyed it, sweetie. But we are going to have rules.”

John wrinkled his eyebrows and threw back his head. He didn’t know where she was going with this.

“Well, dear, do you think I’m just gonna play with your little pee-pee without having any fun myself?”

She would have pleasured him no matter what, but she knew she had him under control. She wanted to see how far she could take this.

“First of all…” she began. “No more stroking that little thing. I will be in charge of making you cum. Do you understand?” John shook his head. He knew it would be difficult, but he would do his best. “Second..” she continued, “You’ll do what mommy says, understood? Or else it’ll be a very long time before we do this again!”

John nodded his head in obedience. He enjoyed his mother taking control for some reason. If it meant that he would get chances to cum as he did today, he would listen to every word she said.

“Good,” she said with a nod of her head.

She looked at her son in the eyes with a wry smile. He looked back at her and put his head down in obedience. She now had him by the balls, both literally and figuratively. She looked down towards his groin area and noticed he was fully erect again, his 3 inches saluting her, telling her that he understood who was in charge.

She looked back up at her son and said: “Now put that little thing away, dear, it’s almost time for supper.”

“Yes, mom,” he acknowledged.

John quickly pulled up his shorts and followed his mother out of his room, his little dick still hard and excited at what was to come.

The End.


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