The Small Penis Bible

Ant Smith, famous for his poem Shorty and his work in the UK against the body shaming of penis size for men is releasing a book entitled The Small Penis Bible. In the book he discusses not only his own experiences, but those of many men he has spoken to ever since Shorty went viral. The good thing is Ant is a proud member of The Small Dick Club, and is a supporter/reader of this site, just as you are.

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Penile Girth Enlargement

  By Dr Chen Tai Ho   Sexual organs are a part of our biological make up. Yet, it is often taboo to discuss our anatomical bits openly among families and friends. With growing sophistication and affluence, many men all over the world (including Malaysia) are considering getting larger “manhoods”. Requests for penile enhancement is on a steady rise. Penile enlargement is used to treat medical conditions such as micro-penis, which can be attributed to hormonal deficiency. However, the large

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