Small Time

By Gary Wrednal. I earn money by taking my clothes off in public so people can laugh at my penis. When it comes down to it, that’s what I do. Right now, I’m preparing to go on stage. I’m putting on the costume I started out wearing. The dressing room at this venue is basically the cleaners’ cupboard, and the three of us are squashed in here – Des, Roger, and me – all trying to get ready. I’m having

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Unexpected Beach Reunion 2

By TJA Nikki explained to me how once or twice a month she would get what she called a ‘special’ booking from a lady looking to do a private shoot. She explained that she had only ever taken bookings from ladies and used a website few straight men would use and by word-of-mouth. She got very excited as she told me how she once did 4 shoots in one weekend, three at their homes and once in her mini studio

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The Domme Club (Updated)

NancyPan It was Saturday. Like most Saturdays I was dressed in one of my now several French maid outfits. This one Mistress Monica seemed to especially prefer for me to wear as the pink satin fabric, white lace trim, and short skirt accented by a flouncy white petticoat was so, well, sissy. She had ordered size 10 Ameona forms for me and they filled out the DD cups I was now required to wear around the house. White thigh highs

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Smaller and Smaller 2 (Gay SPH)

  By degrbi   Smaller & Smaller: Part 1 – Click Here to read.   Smaller and Smaller 2… I slept horribly that night, regretting my decision. How could I have been so reckless? Well, it was done and there was nothing to be done about it. I decided to take the day off work as I would have probably been useless with so little rest. I think in twenty years I may have called in twice. Just curious, I

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Exposed in Zumbala

  by justins961   Zumbala is an extremely small African nation that attracts only three kinds of people; smugglers, adventure seeking college kids and shady business investors. I was one of the later. Right now, waiting in the only airport in the country, I seemed to be surrounded by the other types as well. I couldn’t wait to get out of this hell hole and the long delay in the sweltering airport was wearing me down. Adding to my discomfort

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