Our Readers SPH Experiences 199

By Our Readers Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.   This reader got pantsed… This is one of the few times I had serious, genuine SPH. It’s one of the experiences I still fall back on as it was an absolute knife to the side. In high school, I had two male friends with whom I drank almost every weekend. We would chill in the basement of one of their places and try and polish off a

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Brady’s Hell Week

By Robert_West1138. Day 1 Brady limped into the locker room with a smile on his mud-covered face. His first practice was a success. Coming to Hyacinth State University was the last resort after barely graduating, but it had worked out in his favor. In this small school, he and his 6’4″ lanky frame managed to impress the football team’s head coach and land a spot as a starting wide receiver. There had been some mild animosity from the older players

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