True Story: Terry Bradshaw & The Penis Sock

Last year, Tom Brady’s fourth Super Bowl ring matched his hero, Steelers great Terry Bradshaw – the first man to do it, and a man who brought home four Lombardi trophies in four tries. He told us an interesting story about appearing on the movie ‘Failure to launch’. You played Matthew McConaughey’s father in ‘Failure to Launch’. Any good stories about him? Matthew. Super nice guy, golly. You know the one thing I was surprised about. We were going to

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50 Small Dick Jokes

    These are just jokes. If can’t laugh at yourself then don’t read them. 1. When you got circumcised, did they use an electron microscope? 2. Your dick’s so small, you can sodomise ants. 3. Your dick’s so small, you can masturbate through the slits in a fork 4. Your dick’s so small, you rent out the Hubble telescope when you have to piss. 5. Your dick’s so small, bacteria laugh at it. 6. Your dick’s so small, you

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