The Domme Club (Updated)

NancyPan It was Saturday. Like most Saturdays I was dressed in one of my now several French maid outfits. This one Mistress Monica seemed to especially prefer for me to wear as the pink satin fabric, white lace trim, and short skirt accented by a flouncy white petticoat was so, well, sissy. She had ordered size 10 Ameona forms for me and they filled out the DD cups I was now required to wear around the house. White thigh highs

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True Story: How Panties Made Me A Better Man, Or Did They?

PantyJerkingCuckold When I was younger and full of piss and vinegar, my fiance at the time said I was getting too aggressive with her. Of course, I dismissed it. She was a psych major working on doctrine so she definitely had the upper hand at times, mensa CRAP! She started using sex as a bargaining chip to open up communication, and boy did it work. She brought up the aggression thing again, except this time she had my FULL attention.

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