A Wimp in her Closet

By flickofthedick. After a year abroad, Amy returned to a mix-up with the apartments. She found a vacant room in a dorm for a few weeks through sheer luck until the situation could be resolved. Still, life as a dormitory resident was quite a transition after the freedom and independence of exchange studies. Still, the dorm was a blessing in disguise because that’s where she met Andy. It didn’t take long to notice something about him worthy of deeper investigation.

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Bringing a Junior Colleague to Heel

By sucorteil. Sabrina twirled her pen in one hand and gazed absent-mindedly out of the window. These meetings got so dull, so quickly, she thought, particularly those held on a Friday afternoon. Nobody wants to be here. She suppressed a yawn and took a long sip of her coffee, hoping it would give her a jolt of energy. Wearing a pair of bright orange high-heeled slingbacks, she pushed her toes right to the bottom of her shoes, lifting her heels

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Giving in to Perfection

By RosieCheeks13. “Can you rub my feet?” Kate asked Randy as she put her book down. She was sitting on the opposite end of the couch, her legs up alongside him. She wiggled her toes next to his side. “Actually?” Randy asked, surprised by her forwardness yet already feeling himself get rock hard at the question. “Yes?” She moved them up into his lap and wiggled her toes again at him, her heels pressed slightly against his bulge. “You said

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