Small and Hairy (Gay SPH)

By smallhairydick. Chapter 1: Locker Room Woes I walk into the men’s gym locker room, more nervous than usual. I just finished my morning workout and needed to take a quick shower before heading into the office. I usually worked out after work, but since I needed to stay after work a little later to attend an important meeting, I decided to try going to the gym in the morning. The workout itself was great, but I never had to

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The Accountant

Max Swan (Horrorotica) Chapter 1 Bryan Jones meets Shayna in a bar near a hotel to find the mysterious woman sitting in a booth drinking a Manhattan. The woman’s called Shayna, a thirty-something blonde with a curvy figure and big breasts. What strikes Bryan is she is wearing a dark trench coat and sunglasses, even in the dimly lit bar. There’s a manila envelope under a black gloved hand. He knows she’s the woman he’s supposed to meet because there’s

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The Domme Club (Updated)

NancyPan It was Saturday. Like most Saturdays I was dressed in one of my now several French maid outfits. This one Mistress Monica seemed to especially prefer for me to wear as the pink satin fabric, white lace trim, and short skirt accented by a flouncy white petticoat was so, well, sissy. She had ordered size 10 Ameona forms for me and they filled out the DD cups I was now required to wear around the house. White thigh highs

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Smaller and Smaller 3 (Gay SPH)

  By degrbi Smaller & Smaller: Part 1 – Click Here to read.Smaller & Smaller: Part 2 – Click Here to read. I was in a state of shock, having just given my very first blow job to Liam, a subordinate at my office. He was also in possession of some very damaging information on me. Not only did I suck his four inch cock, to completion, but he also knew I was the owner of tiny penis. As the

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  by AlexBird22029   “What have you been measuring?” Tess asked me innocently. My heart-felt like it skipped a long beat and my stomach felt like it suddenly dropped in terror. I tried to keep my face straight as I turned back around and saw her laid across the bed, her slim figure alluring even under her clothes. In her hands she was examining a small plastic ruler, the kind you get in any stationary set, which I remembered using

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