Mr. Karl Plays Rough (Gay SPH)

timmywells I was 19 years old when I returned home from college in the summer of 1976. A lot about me had changed in the nine months I had been away, both physically and emotionally. Leaving home the previous August a pudgy kid who had spent his teenage years unsuccessfully chasing girls, I was now a fairly well built young man who had discovered a new world when seduced by an older man, and had enjoyed several other relationships with

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One Sub Stud (Gay SPH)

tazemebro “Yup. We have another date tomorrow.” The twenty-one-year-old sipped his beer, enjoying the company and the cooling air as the July sun sank over the trees. “How many is that since school got out?” Mr. Fitzsimmons took a swig from his own bottle, and enjoyed the way the young man’s reddish beard and dark-blond hair glinted as a last ray of the sun hit his face. The two of them were relaxing on the powerfully-built security guard’s screened porch;

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