Ring of Shame (Gay/Bi SPH)

By charmer949. My husbands’ penis is so small. It spends most of its time inverted. Do you know how a turtle hides its head? How its head slides inward and out-of-site? That’s my husbands’ penis. It is so small it inverts back into its shell. In his case, his scrotum. His scrotal sack is his shell, and his penis hides in there most of the time. What’s a wife to do with a penis that small? The answer is nothing.

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A Pussy is Born (Gay SPH)

By jockdepoche As long as I can remember, I was always bisexual. When I was in high school, I can remember watching all the other kids start to be attracted to the opposite sex and all I remember is being so confused because, for the most part, I just found everyone attractive. Guys and girls. I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to rub against them naked, to feel their skin on mine. It wasn’t ever isolated

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An Escort Shows Him What a Small Penis Needs (Gay SPH)

Johnny Scranton Lester was excited and very nervous. He had not been with a prostitute before, and here he was walking up to the door of one now. He took a deep breath and reached to knock on the door. But he paused. His nervousness got a hold of him, and he turned to walk away. This was crazy; he couldn’t go through with it. But then he stopped himself. He thought about how little effort he put into dating,

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A Matter Of Size: Part 3 (Gay SPH)

Prologue I kept asking myself, how the hell all of this happened? I was a common straight guy which likes to do weights at the gym where I had been for years. John was the coach there, and we became friends. He had a girlfriend and I wanted to have one, everything was normal until the day I saw him naked in the locker room. Wow, what a lucky man, I thought when I saw his cock. I felt envy

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