Dating for Small Dick Men has Arrived

Yes, we’ve finally done it, we’ve added a personal ad system for people to find others interested in finding love with a small dick man, or finding fulfillment of sexual fetish based play involving tiny dicks.

You can find the page here.

We don’t guarantee anything because we know life isn’t so simple, and it seems women aren’t lining up for our community. Yet here at The Small Dick Club we know there are women out there who don’t have a problem with small penis men, or like the extra special attention a small dick man gives her in the bedroom. Hee Hee.

There’s also Gay guys who love little dicks, so hopefully you can meet someone.

For you sexual fetish guys into Cuckolding, SPH, or feminization play we’ve got you covered too.

For the next month we’re going to offer this service for free, but after that we’ll be charging $2 per ad which will be listed for 28 days. Compare this to joining a dating site where most of the women won’t even look at you, this is great value. Especially since we’ll only attract people looking for small dick men.

Hope you all get into the idea, and we see some love blossoming here at The Small Dick Club.


  • Cris

    What an awesome idea. It is so hard to find other like minded people with tiny cocks like me.

  • Paul

    I agree maybe I will even find people interested in men with small dicks who suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation or is that too much to hope do you think

  • Paul

    A recent article I just read said it was possible to have a full sexual relationship even with extreme erectile dysfunction
    Orgasm can still be achieved by stimulating the glands around the head of the flaccid penis with fingers and mouth
    Sounds wonderful anyone want to help ?

  • Jibran Ansari

    great initiative


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