The Sissification of Whizzie 2

By Kink Bug. Read Part 1 Here. ***** Part 2… It had been a long day for Whizzie Cupp, an 18-year-old sissy-wannabe. Daxton Foley, the trucker who took him from his hometown of Idyllwild to Los Angeles, had dropped Whizzie off at a small block of apartments on the edge of Compton, saying that he had friends who were willing to let Whizzie stay with them for a little while until Whizzie found his footing in the big city. The

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A Day at the Beach

By Forgiven_Lust. You’ve had a stressful week, but you wake up on Saturday with the sun shining through your window. It’s the perfect day to go to the beach, so that’s exactly what you do. You arrive at the beach wearing a tank top and swimming shorts but quickly lose the tank top so you can swim in the water. You step in and instantly regret it due to the freezing water, but you know you’ll get used to it

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Nudie Nightmares 1

By username55. Pitch blackness. That’s all he could see. He had yet to learn how he got there or where this even was. All he knew is it was dark. Just as he got his bearings, a bright light shone on him. He couldn’t see anything at first, but as his eyes adjusted to the light, he heard cheers and laughter. He saw thousands of women laughing, pointing at him, and taking pictures and videos. He stood there confused and

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Mother-In-Law’s Tea Party

By partypat7880. My mother-in-law holds tea parties every Sunday with her girlfriends, a small group of women in their late 50s. My mother-in-law, Anjali, her sister, Sue, and their coworkers Joanna and Janet. They’re all single teachers that love to gossip and tease me if they catch me helping my mother-in-law set up for the party. My mother-in-law has a decent bust and hides it pretty well, and her hands look like they’d give an amazing rough handjob, the kind

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